Isaac Has Supper Underway.

Isaac went to the store to get groceries, and he is fixing supper for us tonight. He does a wonderful job. I cook less, because he can do wonders with meat. We let him.

Our pallet is used to pork roast now, instead of roast beef. Ed pulled a new one today. He had roast beef. He hasn’t had this in ages. We ate at a place nearby, and then we came back to the church. We have been there all day. No one came to visit, but Ed did have two timely appointments. People came to make plans to work on the parking lot, and to spread rock. We don’t have it paved. Someone came by to talk with us and confirm a time to come check for bugs.

I did say bugs. She will come to get rid of them, and I am told that she does a thorough job. She said she will be on her hands, and knees, trying to get rid of them. I believe this woman will be a great asset to the kitchen. No more varmints in the kitchen!


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