I Have 69 Drafts.

This is quite a few drafts that have not been completed. I woke up, and so did Ed. We didn’t know why we were awake so early in the morning. I went back to sleep, and woke again. We decided to get up, and eat some breakfast. Ed fixed boiling water for oatmeal. I fixed boiling water for Cream of Wheat. I have lost my zest for oatmeal. I love Cream of Wheat, because like the song says, it is good to eat. I don’t eat it daily.

I guess this year I will work down the drafts and try to write something about them. In the meantime I know that I still have the spot on my right eye. When I was in bed, I shut my left eye. The blob I see was reddish. I guess I need to go to the eye doctor to get this checked out. I fell, and had a double concussion. This was in 2009. The result was the bleeding in my brain. It healed considerably, but I am left with this darkness on my right eye.



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