Daily Prompt. Capable.

I believe everyone has something they are more capable of doing than someone else. I believe we can learn to be capable in a specific area. If you like to garden, read about it, and make your garden choices. You may need help getting the soil turned, and plowed for sowing. I didn’t plow anything last year. I put my tomato plants in huge plant holders. They aren’t vases when they are containers that are seen only outside. I put one growing tomato plant in each planter. It worked. We had ripe, green tomatoes. I picked them early, because other beings bit into one of my tomatoes. It had a big mouth. It left half the tomato. I determined to never leave them to ripen on the vine. Not if something will take such a huge bite out of my precious tomatoes!

Since we have learned about Fried Green Tomatoes, I can fix these. Isaac knows several recipes for making combinations that are wonderful with crackers, and cheese. He makes them and I eat them. At times he makes these and we eat it with our regular meal. I love them so much that I would love to have his concoction only. That would be wonderful!


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