Angels, Angels, Angels!

The angels of the Lord encamp around those who fear Him. The angels are there for protection, and to do His bidding. I believe the angels are often busy keeping me from having troubles on the road.

At times we will have troubles on the road while we are on the way somewhere, for a meeting. This happened recently. We finally prayed, and asked for angelic protection.

You can pray for the angels to help you get there quickly. You can pray for the angels of the Lord to protect you as you walk down a lonely, dark street. I believe women shouldn’t walk down dark streets at night by themselves. This would be dangerous these days.

There have been some times when I didn’t know how I managed without angelic help. I don’t see the angels, and I don’t worship them. The Lord’s angels are strong. I have been on my bed, and prompted to read verses out loud before going to sleep. When I did this once, I felt an angel leave. It was the wrong kind of angel.

Other times I have felt a nudge from an angel. It was when I was outside for a few minutes, emptying the garbage. I noticed a nudge on my back, and it stayed there until I got back inside.


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