What about a Personal Bank?

I always keep a little change, and at times I throw it into a jar, or a bank. I have a little collection of banks. I put pennies in one, and one sorts change of all kinds. I like this one. I can rid my pocketbook of change in minutes. At times it has been close to three ,dollars worth of change. You can save by putting your change in order.

I believe in making a personal bank somewhere in the house. I put away what I find, and come back when the money is low, and we need groceries. I might spend it on something we need, or for something that Ed, or Isaac is wanting. When they say it several times, I know it would be a good surprise.

Usually I have no help with saving the pennies, and dimes I have. At times Ed will give me some encouragement. He will say, “Hang onto this, Ruby.”

I do, and when we need it, the money is there. We don’t have to go to the bank to get more money. We have a little hidden away.

When you tithe, you are saying, “Thank you  for helping me to grow in your grace. I know you will help me have wisdom with the money I have. Thank you,  Father in Jesus name.”

Every good gift comes from the Father above. It comes. So when you have a need, talk it over with the Lord. I have been through the times when we had no money for a week. Payday was coming, but we had spent to the last penny. I didn’t have a little tucked away. I decided it would be a good thing to save even in times of plenty. When I did, I found that it was a while before I needed it. When I did, the money was there.

It was my choice to say, “I have a little. Do you need it now?”

Ed usually says, “No. Hang on to it, Ruby.”



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