The Modern Classroom

The classroom setting is much like it was when I began teaching. You are assigned students, and they come every day for so many days in the school year. Everyone is encouraged to come on time, and to work, and listen. The teacher has lessons to prepare, and she goes to college to learn about teaching students. It takes four years to become a teacher with a B. S. degree. If you study more you can attain your masters in Education, or a similar subject, such as Reading.

I became proficient in teaching Reading skills, because one school I was in learned the Phonics program, and the Lead Educator taught the classes to each grade for so many weeks. I knew nothing about Phonics, so I learned the sounds with the class. She taught my children.

I will say phonics in the classroom has been bounced around for years. I do know that when I taught first grade, that the children who were having problems with no phonics, were taught them, and they started reading. I didn’t have to fail any of them. Once they started reading, I couldn’t stop them. They were excited that they had learned to read.

I believe there is a place for tools in the classroom. I became a better teacher for learning the Phonetic approach to learning. Sight words weren’t enough. The children needed to be able to sound out the words.

I believe a modern classroom should inspire children to learn something new every day. They should learn to read, and then to write about what they have read. The world is at their beck and call as they read what they haven’t seen, or heard about. Wisdom, and silence don’t go together. I believe there is a place for noise in the classroom. I believe children should be focused, even if they are excited over what they are learning.


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