I Believe in Keeping the Lord in my Mind All Day.

I believe in studying the Bible, and then I get up and get to work. I might put in washes, or vacuum. I dust when I think about it. I believe in staying busy, but I also believe in keeping the Lord in my mind all day. How?

He keeps us in His peace when our mind is fixed, and steadfast on Him. I guess it becomes fixed when we spend enough time in His Presence. Open the Word, and have a plan for reading. I take the Teen Challenge sheet on reading through the Bible. I mark off the chapters that I read, and this way I can skip around if I like.

I am on my 8th reading. I lack three, books in the Old Testament, and I will be starting on round 9. This has taken over a year this time. I don’t believe in rushing through the Bible. I do believe in being consistent, and I believe in receiving something every day. I write down the verses that seem to stand out for me when I read the passage. I believe the Lord wants us to consume the Word so that we can use it as the sword that it is.

If you have trouble staying positive, joyful, and full of the love of God, than read more of the Word. It never returns empty. The Word will start your day right.

At times I find myself sitting before the Lord several times in the day. Do not expect to have a peaceful day every day?

At times there will be opposition to your walk with the Lord. It can come through personalities that you suddenly find are coming against you verbally.

Shut your mouth, and go home. Get your Bible out, and take notes on where you turn. God always speaks to you through the Word, and you must know it to be able to deal with self, sin, and the devil. Speak little to someone who is confronting. Go home, and pray for them until you have forgiven them, and you know that all is right between you and them.

Rebuke the devil, and he will flee. Rebuke the devil when you are around them. You can do this under your breath without them knowing. I believe contention, and strife keep us from having relationships with people. When something is standing in the way from you having fellowship with someone, then pray for that person. Maybe God allowed you to have a difference with them to show you their true, personality. They aren’t godly as you thought. So pray for them, and ask forgiveness for them. Intercede for them, and they will pick up their Bible , read and change.


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