Hide a Little.

I have learned over the years to hide a little change from myself. I tuck it away, and forget about it. Then when I must have money suddenly, I know where my change is tucked away. It is my choice to reveal it, or to say, “I don’t have it this time.”

So how much is a little? I once gave five, dollars to a bride to be. I told her, “This is to be tucked away for emergencies. You know this guy, but you will know him well when you marry. If there is a change of personality, and you need to make a phone call, this is for that.”

She smiled, and laughed at the same time. She knew her young man, and they married, and by now she is raising kids. She didn’t refuse the gift. Five dollars back then would go a longer way. I would say to tuck away twenty-five dollars some where. If you need it, you can use it, but once you reveal that you have done this, the family will know and they will come to you for the “emergencies.”

This could be for the decision to suddenly go get a haircut.” Hey, Ruby. Do you have any change?”


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