Supper was Pot Pies.

I made supper for those who attend on Wednesday nights. This time I made pot pies. I put carrots, potato slices, and sauce together with chicken to make a pot pie. I put the lids on my pies after I have filled them with vegetables that also include Le Seur peas. Thay are tiny , and young ones. They are always young, and tender. Put this together with the crust on the  of the pie, and a lid to go over all you have put in it. This is baked for a while, maybe 55 minutes. The pie bubbles, and acts alive. I put butter in the pie at the last touch, along with an important spice. All things working together make the pie a treat, and much comfort.

Most people can’t resist the pie crust, or the filling. I have this down to a good pie. It went quickly tonight. I fixed a big pie in my red, and white dish that Ed gave me. It is fancier, and it is cheerful. I also made one other dish for a pot pie. It was made the same. I did have set aside some corn to throw into the pie. I did. I believe corn can be a refreshing touch.

Next time we will have something else. We are planed for about two weeks ahead. The pie takes a while to put together, but when you let it ruminate, the spices come forth. It is a mild, comforting pie. The crust is always lovely, and edible.


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