I know to Start a Roast for Our Group by 2:00 P. M.

At times we start the roast an hour earlier. When it cooks slowly for 5 hours, it is falling apart by the time our group gathers. I believe in serving what comes to mind after I have prayed over the menu. The meal comes together in minutes, and usually it works out. If I plan for a pork roast, they are there waiting on us. Really.

At times they are on sale, and we are fixing something else. We buy the one on sale, and save if for the next week. It doesn’t hurt to freeze meat for a week, so you can have a good deal. We try to make a meal that is well-balanced. I love broccoli, corn, corn on the cob, and salad. I love fried okra, and fresh tomatoes. We serve a variety of vegetables, and I have one, person who often brings the salad.

I believe a good meal keeps us from eating too, many sweets. If the meal is made right, then people will be full, and satisfied. They won’t be hurting, and the dessert will be eaten after the lesson if there is no room to eat it.

Our lesson may go a half hour. We sing to the Lord. These things are part of worship. I pray over the meals, so when we sit down to eat, I am thankful for those who came, and decided to eat with us.

I believe it is a good thing for God’s people to eat together on a regular basis. We talk among ourselves, and at times we don’t talk…we eat!


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