I Believe a Schedule Helps.


Today I got up when I woke up the second,time. The first,time was around 3:00 A. M. and I didn’t get up. The second time was 5:15 A. M.  I dressed, and found my way to the kitchen, and the den to have reading time with the Lord. I was there at 5:45 A. M. fully dressed for going with Ed. My quiet time was easier in that I was awake. I had some hot tea, and my tattered piece of paper showed me where to start reading in 1 Kings.

I read to the middle of this book. It hasn’t gotten so interesting that I am slowing down to read. It is history, and about different kings. Today I studied about Solomon. He was a great,king who had the wisdom of God on him. He was well-known because people came to hear his wisdom.

I do believe a schedule helps me with a sense of accomplishment. If I write down what I plan to get done, it helps me to check this off when I have done it. I know in my head what to do, but I function on praise, and feeling good about what I have done. No one has to praise me this way. I see on the paper what I have accomplished. It is my secret. I try to keep naps off the schedule. I get sleepy some days, but more often, I am up all day.



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