A Word of Encouragement Goes a Long Way.

Not many have given  me words of encouragement, but when I meet someone who will encourage me, I am grateful. I have a long day, and I follow Ed around at times. I go with him, and then I get out of the car, and follow him to where he must be, or go. It is tiring, but I know that at times our influence is stronger than his alone. Two put 10,000 to flight, and in agreement, we see the victory faster when we agree in unity.

Why stand alone to encourage. Two will do a better job with encouragement. Two will back each other up, and two will make sure you believe what they say to be true. Some are full of false humility, but when you find someone who is truly, humble, it is humbling. I look for humility, because these people give out encouragement, like pieces of bread that need to be eaten. I believe in talent, but when someone is humble, and gives all they have, they receive more. Give it all away, and you have more. You can’t out give God. His grace is abundant, and free. I believe I shall see the goodness of the Lord. Humility is a rarity. Find it and observe it. It is like pure gold. Very costly.


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