What’s for Supper?

Pork chops have been beaten, and marinated. I have broccoli casserole in two dishes, sweet potatoes baking,  and fresh, cranberries that have just been cooked. They are in the refrigerator cooling. The meat will have a light breading on them, and they have bones in them. I don’t know why we bought the meat with the bone in, but we did. Marinating them helps make sure they will be tender.

I have put on some weight, and I couldn’t afford to do this, so I am cutting back again, starting tomorrow. I have been off chicken, but I went back on it last night. We had chicken for supper, and I didn’t feel like doing without. It was wonderful. I took a break, and now I am back off it. I guess if we go out, and they serve chicken, I will eat it.

The snow has almost melted, and I have been baking for some time. Isaac came home from going to the store. It took him forever to get back. He is finishing up the supper. He will add House Autry to the pork chops that were already in the oven. I know. But they were not in there long. With the breading put up, I didn’t think about putting it on the chops.


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