Ed has been Studying.

Ed went to the church to study. I hope he used his time wisely. He usually goes there to study for Sunday. Away from everyone is a good idea. He can concentrate, study, and use the time to his benefit. He never gets up without some idea, and study time. If the Lord doesn’t give him anything to speak on, I never know.

In the meantime the snow has been melting, and is almost gone in our yard. It sure was nice seeing the cold, white snow coming down so rapidly. The flakes of snow were tiny this time. I was amazed that it came, and yes it was late coming. We should have seen it by 7:00 P. M. and it waited to get here. I was full of anticipation.

If something happens, and it snows more tonight, I will be sure to write again. I love to see snow. It is absolutely beautiful when it outlines the bare trees. Smile.


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