Word for Today, Specific.

via Daily Prompt: Specific

I believe there are times when people need to cut the flack, and speak specifically about what they want to convey. The clearer the better. Too, many times we avoid this by putting in too, much frill without detail. I can tell when someone isn’t writing with fluency. Pick another subject if you don’t have enough information, and you can’t describe the word in a specific way.

I don’t look for long posts to read. If the print is larger, I might read the post. If it is dull, boring, and with too, many adjectives, I might think the person is trying me with being too, verbose. At times ten, sentences that agree, describe, and draw you into the writer’s camp are better than three, pages of jargon that don’t flow. The specific thought doesn’t have to be at the first of the sentence, but you should start with something that will cause people to read your essay, or writing.

There are some who are too, confident in their pursuit. They lead others, and their words are not chosen with grace. I believe leaders in writing will have humility, and poise. I believe they should keep in remembrance how they struggled at first. The more you write, the more you need to listen to what other writers are saying. No one is chief among writers without having put in the work to make it clear, and specific. There is no, place for discourtesy, and rudeness in the writing field. Our humility, openness to others, and specific goals should always be first in our minds, and our writing.


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