Well, it Snowed!


Snow changes the whole atmosphere in town. It was really coming down when we left the church after choir practice.  Snow was tiny, flakes, and coming down swiftly. If this were a heavy rain, we would have been miserable. When we looked at the lamps along the road, we could see the rush of snow coming down. Snow is beautiful. I love to see 4-5 inches, because it covers everything, even the bare, limbs of the trees. We had 1-2 inches.

I found some bedroom shoes at the store before it started snowing. My housecoat, and shoes go together. I had to take back the ones I bought with the housecoat. The right, shoe didn’t fit right. The side area kept wanting to make my foot go down. Someone cut the inside foam a, little, narrow. They were beautiful, bedroom, shoes, but when they don’t work right, it might not be good for my knees, or my legs to wear them. So we swapped for other bedroom, slippers that were not on sale. I did find the right, color for my robe.

I wanted to call the company that made the other bedroom shoes, and tell them the problem I had with their bedroom shoes. The design was adorable, and warm. I could slip my foot into the shoe, and it was wrapped with warmness, but when the right foot wouldn’t function, I saw that I needed to take them back to Penny’s.   Too bad, but when I picked out more bedroom, shoes, I didn’t go for the same kind. I didn’t trust they would work right either.

You get what you pay for, but in this case, the shoes were plenty, expensive. They just weren’t made right! Someone messed up in the making of it. Yes, I’m aggravated, but my new, slippers are comfortable, warm, and the right, color. I don’t buy bedroom shoes often.



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