Goals for 2017.

Followers went to 746 in the first of January 2017. I am grateful, and glad. I would like to see this reach a thousand in 2017.

I will try to write more, and visualize more. I will write in units, and topics, because this seems to be what is needed to have continuity. I love to draw, and the units have hand-drawn pictures that are done with the mouse. I would like to have more art, and writing in units this year.

People come, and go. I will visit other blogs through the Reader, and try to get to know more writers. Getting out and about is good for me. I learn different styles of writing, and I get to see what is successful. I believe people are on the net to communicate their ideas. I listen, and go on to other people. I believe working together is a good idea.

I haven’t teamed up with anyone. I am still on my own, in the big world of the internet. I believe there is a purpose for writing. I plan to write purposefully.


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