We Changed the Menu Tonight.

We went to a newer store today to shop for the supper I was going to fix. We looked at pork roasts, and they were not plentiful, and the price was not good. We decided to fix meatloaf instead. I usually spend around 20 dollars on the meat for the meal. I bought two, packages of ground Chuck, and I knew this would make a considerable amount. I found one good-sized, white, onion to put in the meatloaf, and we bought a loaf of white bread, and some oatmeal. I insisted on getting some eggs, and Karo syrup, and baked beans. By the time we gathered everything, I knew we were going to be fine.

Putting all this together was steady work. I put the meatloaf together, and put the dishes that held them in the refrigerator. I like for meatloaf to have time to allow the spices to ruminate. They had about two hours before I put them in the oven. I cut potatoes, and made mashed potatoes, cooked the meatloaf until it was done, and made my usual sauce to go over the top of the meatloaf. I worked by myself this time, but the time went by fast. By 5:00 I had the meatloaf in the oven, and the potatoes boiling. I waited to mash them, and they were put in the oven with a little butter in the middle of the bowl. They came out light, fluffy, and buttery. The butter melted, and I stirred the potatoes .

I would have made deviled eggs, but I decided not to. I made a fruit cake this morning, and it had all kinds of fruit in it. I have finished making all the fruit cake I can make. I would have to buy more fruit if I made another one. Most everyone sampled the fruitcake. It was moist, even if it had to cook longer than the other fruitcake cooked. I believe I added more fruit than usual, and it was harder to finish baking it. I usually test it with a tooth pick to see if the cake is done. It took time. Isaac brought the cake with him when he came to the church. I had to leave the cake, and go to the church. It was done, and we served ice cream with the cake if anyone wanted it.

How do you make fluffy meatloaf?  Well you put in several beaten eggs, then the oatmeal, and white bread. I never use brown bread in the meatloaf. I believe I put in four eggs in this meatloaf. The ground Chuck was cooperative, and it did give off liquid. I collected it, and didn’t keep it in the pan while we served the meatloaf. My biggest ceramic red, dish was used for the meatloaf. It was 3 inches tall, and over twelve inches long. I did put onion in the meatloaf, and it worked out. It was well-baked by the time we served the meal. My meatloaf was in two dishes, and the one was considerably smaller. Do you know? The bigger dish was completely eaten . I had a little to take home from the other serving dish. The mashed potatoes were eaten, but not all gone. I fixed almost a whole bag of potatoes.

A cabbage from last week was in the refrigerator. I fixed slaw, and sweetened it. My slaw usually is eaten. The fruit cake went well, and so did the newer ice cream. We had Pepsi to drink, and water. I didn’t have any new tea. This is much to read, but I enjoyed making supper tonight. ……….solo or not. Tony and Doris did bring salad, and things to go in the salad. They always bring something, and they brought rolls. Several ate their rolls. It was a good meal, and we all ate heartily. I rode home with Ed after the meeting, and we put all the dishes in the trunk of the car. I believe I am a good tired. Smile.


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