I Don’t Mind a Rainy Day.

There are some wonderful memories I have of rainy days. Mother let us play outside in the rain, as long as the thunder, and lightening wasn’t there. We would take our umbrellas with us, and twirl in the rain. Our hair received the rain. Rain water is good for the hair. It makes it soft. Mine was long when I was young. I still had bangs.

Rainy days have been here this new year. It rained some yesterday, ever so slightly. I love the kind of rain you can hear on the roof. It is good for sleeping. I can’t sleep today. I have a meal to prepare tonight. My head gets busy with the planning, and I finally settle the menu. Someone usually provides bread, and salad. Her rolls go in the last-minute.

I believe a rainy day is a blessing. We need the rain for the soil, and for breaking the drought. It isn’t good for the ground to become so dry. Trees fall easier when we are in a drought. With the rain, I become happy in my soul, but I don’t say so loudly. Some people don’t have good rainy day experiences. My memories from my childhood are there forever. The rains would come and it was usually a day to play in the rain.


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