Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt:

The interior, or inside of the house need repairing. It is an older home, built in the early seventies. The brick structure is solid. But inside the kitchen flooring needs to be taken up. There are worn holes in the linoleum, and it seems that some walls could be removed to add more room in the house. The interior of the house is gorgeous, but could be modernized. Any home with a good foundation, should last for years. If repairs are made roam, or snakes might be twice as long because they live, and hide from the humans who rarely venture here.

The interior of a continent may still have unexplored places. These are so remote, and wild, that one would have to travel in a group to accomplish a trip into the interior. Survival would mean building a fire at night, and cooking food over an open fire. The fire would keep animals away. In the interior, there may be information, and scientific facts that have not been written down. It is remote, and few people find this place. It is not cold. It is hotter than most people can stand.

Therefore, a trip into the interior may be planned for a few months. Everything would not be on the list. The thought of traveling through vine covered paths, and breaking growth in order to move forward, means intense work, and the possibility of health problems. Bug bites, snake encounters, and scorpions would be possibilities to consider.

A relief team would be needed to take charge after a few months. The old team would leave, and give advice for further advancement. How far is the interior, and how many miles do you go until you are on the other side. People won’t know until they explore and write down the scientific discoveries. This might be a reason for good journaling.


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