Cereal Instead of Eggs.

It isn’t hard to eat cereal instead of fried eggs. I am still off eggs, so I had some raisin brand cereal for breakfast. It wasn’t too, bad, but I found myself chewing it before swallowing. I have a problem at times with choking. I realized this cereal could choke me if I don’t chew it well. I did.

I have always loved raisins. They make Cream of Wheat taste better. I add plenty of butter, and stir. I have decided not to indulge with brown sugar on the Cream of Wheat. I had a bowl of Cram of Wheat last night.

Everyone else had their choice of what to partake. I love the new candies, and I had enough yesterday. Now I am ready to do without. I think better when I eat less sweets, and stay off bread. I did fix a half sandwich last night. This was the first bread in months. I enjoy white bread at times. I choose white bread for the meat loaf. It makes the loaf lighter.

Last night I made another fruit cake. Ed had a piece first thing this morning. The cake has to bake 2.5 hours in the oven at 230 degrees. That is not a hot oven, but it makes a wonderful cake. I put a pan of water in the oven beside it. I still have enough fruit to make one more fruitcake. Seems like these ingredients are growing. I have made several. It is the best fruitcake I have eaten. It is sweet, and dates are the base. I don’t think I made fruitcake last year.


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