I WILL OFTEN SAY, “I NEED TO GET MY HEAD ON STRAIGHT ABOUT THIS. ” It could be that dieting has made me think this way. If I could get my head on straight, I wouldn’t have the trouble I do when I start a diet that includes no sweets, and no bread. Now it includes no chicken, and no eggs. This has been for the last three days at least. I have my head on straight. I pray for people, and when I don’t see the progress I need to see, then I increase my fasting, and praying. When you fast, you should be praying for several times in the morning, and the afternoon, and evening. We see mountains move when we pray, and fast.

I know this is new year’s eve, but what if it is imperative that we pray over the new year. Have you done your part? You might need to listen to me when I say I need to get my head on straight. If God is moving me to fast, I find a way to obey. I test it out, and if the need lingers, I know it is Him, and I go ahead. My head is on straight when I obey, and it isn’t straight when I differ with Him.

The struggle was there this time. I didn’t know if I wanted to go a second time with this. I would be off sweets, and that is harder than getting my head on straight! But it is. I have worked it out. I haven’t weighed too often. Give or take, I need to continue what I know is right for me for a season, and then some. Smile.

May God bless you as you decide what to do to get your own head on straight. Smile.


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