Daily Prompt: Year

via Daily Prompt: Year

Every year we are a year older. I often have projected ahead to the future, and thought how it will be when I am 10 years older, and wiser. We were facing 2000, and it hadn’t gotten here. It lacked about 8 years. We are long past the year 2000 now. I keep wandering if the 20’s will be wonderful!

“I thought, how old will I be.?” Then I counted, and was surprised. In those days 52 was old! I have long passed the number, and each year is different. I look forward to the birthdays every year.

If the years count so wonderfully, that a tree stump would give a history of growth, and tell its age, then I think each year we live is accounted for by our Creator.

This is the first day of 2017, a new year. We went to church, and we worshiped as we sang. Ed had an awesome sermon. I believe we haven’t had a new year Sunday in a while. It was interesting. Some of the old, faithful people came to the service. I do believe a year is a long time.

If you are in jail, it has to be a ,hard, year. The only way a year will fly by is when you decide to make each day count. Many people are in jails. I believe some didn’t mean to get caught. Others had a hard time, and made mistakes. A year in jail would seem like forever. Really.


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