Planning, and a Schedule.

I believe planning, and a schedule makes you benefit from the amount of work,or things you can do in a day. Ed went down town to get the necessary things from the courthouse for the car. It took some time, but he knew he would go do this. He had to get the car inspected, and then go back with those papers. He made two trips downtown, but he finished what he planned to do.

I went to the store to get the ingredients for the fruit cakes. Isaac wanted to make them, and the recipe is from people we know in Ed’s home town.I made fruit cakes today while Ed was out and about. We ate some of the fruitcake from the first one, so I made an extra one for whenever we need it. We are often taking things to the church for after church. If we have some, I will take one to sample. We know to prepare something for Sunday after church. This is all in planning. I make a schedule around the plans that I make. It works most of the time.


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