We are Approaching New Year’s Eve.

This is the day before New Year’s Eve. I believe in praying over the new year until I have peace, and some insight, and wisdom. In the past we would meet with several people and wait for mid-night to come. In the past, I have started praying about the next year in the Fall of the current year. It works to do this. I believe when you pray over the next year, that it is God’s wisdom that you receive.

2016 may have been long, and at times hard, but God has given me grace as I walked through this year. I am retired, but ministry is demanding, and time-consuming. We left the church later than everyone else. They left, and then we left several minutes later. Making sure things are turned off, and turning off the lights is part of leaving. Thanking God for helping us through another time with everyone is another part of leaving. We pray for the meals, and they come out fine. The roast comes out so tender that it is hard to cut into pieces. I believe the Lord is with us as we prepare the lesson, pray together, and as we sing to Him when none are in the room with us.

So how will I get ready? I have been praying over the new year. It is a matter of praying until I am finished. I believe praying for this year is similar to last year. I ask for wisdom, and God gives it to me. I believe He is so involved with those who choose to follow after Him. If you haven’t given your life to God, in Jesus name, then you might consider this as a means of starting your year right. Many are the trials of the righteous, but God delivers them from them all. I do believe we have choices all year. I believe if we truly decide to follow Jesus, then He will draw close and give assistance.

At times I can’t find what I dropped. I will get on my knees, and look under my side of the bed. There it is…what I was looking for. And then I notice I am on my knees. I confess Jesus is Lord to God’s glory, and that He came in the flesh. I get up, and know that losing something and finding it wasn’t the only reason for getting on my knees.

I believe one day every knee will bow. Every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Why not bow to Him now, and make sure He knows you are committing to Him from head to toe, inside and out, and all around. God draws us to Himself. He wants to communicate with us. It is our stubbornness that needs to turn into tenacious faith! Pray over this year, and you will not regret it. Give yourself to God the Father, in Jesus name. Jesus intercedes for us, and He wants to be a huge part of your life. Submission is from head to toe. I pray that this year for you will be good because you sought the Lord, and He heard you, and delivered you from all your fears.


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