For Some A Schedule is Necessary.

For some people, a schedule is necessary. They have no concept of time without a schedule, and work is always the place where people arrive at an appointed time, and go home at an appointed time.

Now a days, people might have their work at home. There has to be a schedule to get anything accomplished. The family has to concede with the plane. If not, the work may be interrupted 20,000 times before one actually gets anything done. I know.

I was in sales for a few years. It was a well-organized company, and we met for a short meeting, and then went out to sell the product. I would pick a safe neighborhood, and go several doors before getting in to show the vacuum cleaner that I had to sell. It was boxed, and heavy. I do say I learned persistence, and there were days when the sales were plentiful. Other days I walked all day and saw little for the effort.

People don’t go door to door now. They are in offices, and they may make phone calls, but basically, the cold calls like I did are a thing of the past. When I persisted with my schedule, I was back home, with several sales, and thrilled for the day.

I still believe a schedule is necessary. In school teaching days, we ran on a schedule. If you weren’t there, you might miss out on part of the day. Some students came late several times. They were definitely tardy too many times. I reported this, but the next year, the students were really watched. They were greatly encouraged to come to school. For children, structure in imperative. I believe a schedule matters. Set it in stone, and they will thank you when they grow up.


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