Daily Word Prompt. Mope.

When I think of the word mope, I think of someone who is tired, and their steam has lifted. They have no energy, and their thoughts are what is making them mope along. People may encourage them to do this, or that but the blunt truth is that the person is depressed. They have been hurt, and their pride has fallen. They are definitely traveling through life by themselves, because when they mope, they don’t want to be with their friend. They want to recover through sleeping the day away.

So what is the cure for someone who is going to mope when they are with you? Tell them to get rest. Then give them a couple of sheets of notebook paper. Tell them to write down what is bothering them. Leave the room, and let them write what is making them mope. They will confess psychological damage, and depression. They will list the people who have come at them verbally, and wish they were elsewhere. If one can’t list what is wrong, then write more. Tell the paper what happened to shut the flow of words. You can talk to a paper, when a human face may be hard to engage. I do believe when you write down what is really happening to you, that you should give this paper to God. Tell him the list and ask for His help.

The solution to moping is clapping your hands, lifting your voice in song, and telling God all the truth and nothing but the truth. He knows anyway, but talking to Him will set you free.

We are not called to mope, but those who know their God will raise, and lift their voices to be heard by him. Singing to Him, and meaning it, will help you become fee. The mopping will stop.


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