I lack 3 chapters finishing 2 Samuel. 5 more books to go!

My goal for the rest of this year is to finish the Old Testament reading. I have 5 books to go, and I am not speeding through, but I will try to finish. I am retired, and Monday morning was spent reading this book, and enjoying what I read. I was about half-way through. Now I lack 3 chapters! Surely I can pull away from washing the dishes, cooking, and watching television to read those finishing chapters. I will have read the Bible through two times this way. It is small, but a hobby of mine. I don’t rush through except when I am trying to finish for the year……and then I take my time. The passages are so interesting.

This has been a good year. I hope that my goal to read more has been fulfilled. I will soon see what Word Press says about this year. They wait until the year is over, I think!


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