Christmas is the Reason to Rejoice at this Season.

Rejoice as the angels did. Christ came to the earth to die on the cross for you and me. He was born in a stable, but angels announced his birth, and shepherds, and wise men sought him to worship him.

Jesus died on the cross. He rose again from the grave, and now he lives in heaven, making intercession for us. I believe heaven is a wonderful, awesome place. It is a place prepared for us to live. I believe God’s plan was to give us a choice……to choose Christ as our Savior, and Lord. It takes time to submit from head to toe, inside and out. I believe total submission to His plan for you includes the invitation of inviting Christ to come live inside you. The Holy Spirit comes inside you when you repent, and give your heart to Jesus. I believe the change is apparent.

May God give you wisdom as you worship the Lord Jesus Christ. May He give you light for your path, and may the love of Christ compel you to walk with Him. There was much rejoicing, and there still is much at Christmas time. Christ came to die for you and me.


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