We Have our Turkey.

We will bake turkey for Christmas. I don’t know if we will eat it Saturday night, or Christmas day. We have church, so the meal will be delayed. This time it is a big turkey, and I can’t wait to get it cooked. We are not eating any more of the last turkey. We have had the last supper with that one.

Why turkey again? It is holiday food. I hope I am not tired of baking turkeys. I did one for the church, one for Thanksgiving, and now one for Christmas. I am getting better with baking them.

Cranberries are still available. I get the ones in the bag, and add sugar to taste. I am off sweets, so cranberries should be out for me. Then there is dressing. I make cornbread, and put it in with the breads, and celery, onion, and the broth from the turkey. It doesn’t have to cook long before the broth starts coming from the turkey. I believe the last turkey was over done. It fell apart. I am not used to a turkey cooking this much for me. I didn’t cook that one in my oven. I cooked it down at the church. I served it for Sunday night.



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