Ed Didn’t Want the Turkey Cooked in a Bag. (Sit down. This one is a long one, Jane.)

I was given a box with a bag in it for the turkey I was going to bake at church. This way I wouldn’t be cooking the turkey for 7 hours. The bag  does the work, and cuts the time to bake  in half.

I usually heed what Ed says. If he doesn’t like something, we will discuss it at times, but he wasn’t about to give in about the bag for the turkey. So I had him help me lift before the turkey. I rinsed it as well as I could. It was partly frozen. I put tin foil in the bottom of the roaster, and he laid the clean turkey in it.

I reached for the oil above my head in the cabinet. I pour a little oil on the turkey, in the sign of a cross. I added herb  spice, and I forgot to buy one, orange for the inside cavity. Ed would not buy an orange, so I waited to get the giblets. I finally got the giblets out of the turkey. It was still a little frozen. I looked at the pieces of giblet and there was something in them.  I had to throw them out. I would have to make gravy without the giblets.  I started over, because there was something in the giblets. It was an expensive, turkey, but these things happen.

To make dressing, I use white ,bread, and onions. I put in about 8 eggs, and I know that is many eggs, but I like fluffy dressing. I beat the eggs, and worked them into the bread, onions, and celery, to this.. I use Stove Top Dressing for flavor. No one taught me to do this. I make my own version of the dressing, but it has to have salt, and flavor. One box does fine, but I opened two, boxes. When you pour the broth from the turkey into the pan to make the gravy, you can take some out, and add it to the dressing. I allow an hour for the dressing to bake with the turkey cooking beside it.

At the church, for our meal Sunday night, we had turkey, dressing and cranberries. I made gravy without the giblets, and cornbread dressing. I had to make cornbread in order to have some to put in the dressing. Everything can go right, or wrong in the kitchen.

When you put the oil on the turkey, you give it to God, and ask Him to bless it in Jesus name. That is my secret of making sure it is good. God expects me to do my part, by working at the meal. I do. I take it seriously when I have Ed, and our guests pray over the meal, and the bless the food. We bless the turkey, and the food hours before everyone comes. I kept the lid on the roaster, and the turkey cooked on without interruption. I did open the pan  to add butter inside the cavity. I put a whole stick. It makes the turkey moist. Being frozen in places, it helped make it tender.

It is a good thing to work the meal, because when you are finished, you are glad you called on the name of the Lord. It works out. I was upset when I found something in the giblets. I threw them out under the tree with all the liquid that was with them. Blessing the turkey makes sure you have your wits about you before you serve the turkey. I do believe God gives us a brain for common sense. I believe that those who know what to do with a turkey are excellent resources for those who have the turkey to bake this year for the first, time.

The meat for this turkey was tender, and good. The cranberries were good, and they help with the meal. I put a little on my plate, and it adds moisture. The gravy without the giblets was still good. I thickened it a little. You know Gravy, cranberries, and turkey with dressing are sufficient. Our people brought in food, and we had plenty. Our guest at home-made her broccoli ,casserole. It was wonderful. I had one apple pie, and two, pumpkin pies ready for dessert, and my friend who helps, brought rolls. We ate forever and beyond. I did make two apple pies for Sunday morning, but one whole pie was gone. We put home-made whipping cream on the pies before  eating them.







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