Ed and I went to the Store to pick out the Christmas Turkey for us.

Yes, and I have it in the refrigerator. This time it is only 18.50 pounds, and it will easily fit in the roaster. I do believe I am getting used to making the turkey, but I can’t lift . Monday, I went to see my heart doctor. He found something to be concerned about, and he had me go for an echocardiogram. I will be careful tomorrow when I put the turkey in the oven. We have a double oven, which is wonderful. It isn’t fancy, but we can bake pies while we are baking the turkey.

I want to make a custard ,pie for tonight, but I may wait. This is Friday, and I will not put the turkey in the oven until tomorrow night. I think I will cook it until it is done, and then refrigerate it. Then I will heat it in the crock pot if it is big enough. I can’t have the oven on while we are at church. We won’t get back too, late, and the meal will be about done.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope this post finds you. I have yet to get the giblets out of this turkey. Smile.



8 thoughts on “Ed and I went to the Store to pick out the Christmas Turkey for us.

    1. Thank you. I keep finding things I can put around in the den, to make it look more like Christmas! Slowly the house is still coming together. We stall on taking down our trees. I have two up, and one is simply little, with lights. I found it pre-lit. I love Christmas trees. I asked Ed if we had any in the attic..some old ones. He said he thought we might have! Ah! I’m tired from making pumpkin pies!

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      1. Aawww… I love Christmas trees too ‘cos there is something magical about them especially when they are lit. πŸ™‚ Planning for the perfect Christmas can be so exhausting but sure gives one a sense of sweetness and joy. May you all have a wonderful Christmas. Xo


      2. Thank you. I just saw your note. I hope your joy continues today. Most people have Christmas Day off. Then they go back to work. I taught school in the past. I had vacation until January . It was always a nice break. I am going to leave my trees up as long as I can! It is what we do as a family. The gifts are gone, but the lights are wonderful!

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      3. Yeah, I understand what you mean. The lights reflections add a magical ambience to the trees. Finally, everyone can have a relief from the pressures of the season as life goes on. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of the holidays. While I return to work tomorrow. Xo

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    2. It is early morning already. Merry Christmas to you also. May God guide you like the star guided the wise men. May His peace be with you as you trust the Lord to guide your steps. Life is short. My days are well spent. I didn’t nap today. Smile.


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