Discover: Daily Prompt- 1


I believe children discover many things in the classroom, on the playground, and in the library. Those who have been read to faithfully will read when they are old enough. Some boys have eye problems. They haven’t matured, and they must wait for a few years for their eyes to be old enough for them to learn to read. The child is going to learn to read later than everyone else. This happened to my son. There was nothing I could do about his eyes. When he reached a higher grade, he learned to read, and he hasn’t stopped reading. He still consumes books, and he is fluent in his writing. It took time to mature.

A principle once told me that my son would have to wait to learn to read. This was a hard thing to discover. I didn’t like this news, but I dealt with it. Isaac’s eyes had to mature.

Those things that you discover in life on your own, are treasures. I believe everyone has a treasure that God gave them. We need to discover what the treasure is in us, before looking for it in others. I believe children have several treasures. They are usually enthusiastic with life. If I discover someone who is keeping someone from being enthusiastic, I tell them they should stop.

I believe treasures are to be discovered, not smashed. Give every one a chance to show the treasure they hold within them. It might be a song, or songs that come to mind that have never been written. Discovering the gift is enlightening. It is refreshing. Everyone must discover their treasure, and then share it in life. You were not give the treasure to hide it. You were given it to share with others.


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