What was the Menu I fixed?

Ed, and I found a turkey that was big enough for serving several. I have this blue, speckled pan, and I put tin foil down, and then the turkey. Ed washed it on the inside, and then I put oil on it, and prayed that it would be good, and tender. There were three of us praying over the turkey together.  Herb spice was easy to put on it. I didn’t go sparingly, but I didn’t put a whole bottle on it either. 18.5 pounds is not a real big turkey.

Cranberries boiled on the stove, and I added 2 cups of sugar for each bag of cranberries. These set up in the refrigerator. I made dressing, and tried to make giblet gravy. I found something in the giblets, and I threw  them out. I started over, and made gravy without giblets.

Dressing is not hard to make. I used broth, eggs, and all that goes into dressing. Fresh white, bread was left out for a little while. I put onion in the dressing. I forgot to add a good amount of sage. No one brought this up. I added a little.

We are used to rubbing sage leaves together for the dressing. I didn’t have any sage, leaves. So most of the dressing was gone. A good bit of the turkey was eaten. The cranberries were still in the bowl. I love cranberries, but I am off sugar, and bread. The cranberries have more sugar, because they are bitter without sugar. Very bitter. All this took working at it. The turkey was small, but well done. It fell apart when Ed cut it. We prayed over the meal. With all that everyone brought, we had plenty to take home, and they did go back for seconds.

Desserts were apple pies, and pumpkin pies. I made four pies! I took some home. Whipping cream was made for the pies. Other people brought desserts. I am off sweets, so I  didn’t indulge in the sweets. I will go until Easter on this one. It is hard, but I am convinced that this is necessary. This time I am praying for one, Christian. There might be more to pray over, but one has come to mind. I am to intercede.


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