Good Morning! It is 8:10 A. M.

I got up early, and sat at the teaching table in the kitchen. I brought this table home, from the school I taught in for 15 years. I was retiring, and the table was a gift from my father. It has one high chair that goes with it. I had to make a place for it in the kitchen. It has been there since I brought it home.

Well, I asked Ed, “I want to read, and study. Where do I study today? We have company, and the den table would disturb a guest. We have another guest in the living room. Both are asleep on the couches. So I sat at the table in the kitchen, the tall table. It is a most excellent place to study the Word. Then I sang to the Lord. It is 8:00 A. M. I don’t know how long I sang, but it was little songs of praise that come to mind, and are full of worship to the Lord. I sang, even though the visitors were sleeping. You see, I sing, and worship the Lord everyday when I have no company. They are used to waking up to stirring in the kitchen, and my finding time to study.

I believe we get out of the Word what we want to get from it. The Word is water, life, and refreshment. The Word will never return empty, and it is wisdom for when you don’t know how to find God. He wants us to come as His children, asking forgiveness of our sins, and for covering with the blood of Jesus Christ. He wants us to come humbly, and boldly before Him.

I wrote down one of the songs. It is a prayerful song. Original work flow from His throne when I sing to Him.

Keep Me- By Ruby J Craft

Keep Me, LORD!

Keep me, LORD Jesus!

Keep me in your Presence!

Keep me, LORD!

Keep me, LORD!

Keep me in your peace,

Keep me in your peace.

The melody is simple. I have no way to sing it to you. It is low enough for those with low voices, and it is high enough for sopranos, also. I believe the Lord gives me songs of encouragement. He surrounds those who are His like the mountains surround Jerusalem. He keeps us in His hand. He covers us with His Presence. He keeps us safe from the enemy, and from those who wish is harm. God surrounds us with protection. You receive the Lord Jesus as your Savior, and confess your sins. The Holy Spirit comes to live inside when you give your life to Christ. I believe He keeps us secure, safe, and in His peace. This is a simple prayer.




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