What Was Supper?

We had baked chicken in the oven, and it was marinated. I added some butter to the chicken during the cooking process. It was tender and good, but I didn’t eat any chicken. I couldn’t, so I didn’t.  I served broccoli casserole with it and  someone brought in jello, and salad to go with the meal. I served homemade, iced coffee for dessert, but we could drink this along with the meal. The group loved it. I had to only throw out a little of the iced coffee. It was nice to have some.

I went on sweets in order to have the iced coffee. It is made with real ice cream and coffee, and some other ingredients. This is a simple recipe, and everyone liked it. I might serve this again.



2 thoughts on “What Was Supper?

  1. What a relief! I am sooooooooo glad they liked it! Iced Coffee is very special if made right, and Mom had the right recipe! I am proud of you for trying something new and serving this delicious drink! Love you!

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    1. Jane, I served it at the beginning of the meal, and there were several who had seconds. I did. I believe it was good. I used Folgers to make the first part, and I worked on it a little at a time. Thank you for the recipe again. I couldn’t find the first one I wrote down. I could remember what was on the page, but wanted to know for sure. Now they have tasted the good ice coffee by Ruby Mae and I believe she would be happy knowing that we both serve it still. Several said it was good!


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