We say, “Merry Christmas!”

Ed, and I say,” Merry Christmas” to each other, and to our church, and others we meet who we know, or don’t know. I believe in saying these two words many times in December. As much as possible.

Isaac made Christmas cookies this year. They are in the shape of animals, and people. He has a good time making the shapes. He could make them himself, because he is an artist with degrees in Graphic arts, and Communications.

Isaac loves to bake, and cook for the church. He brought home-made cookies last Sunday for after the service. We have one, but we take our time worshiping the Lord.

Sunday nights are at home most of the time. When we do gather on Sunday night, it is for a meal. Our Christmas meal is soon. I plan to make my part of the meal. I love to make fruitcake, and it is edible. I don’t put in the candied fruit as much as I put in dates, and  the maraschino, cherries. I love Christmas, and most of the time I am thinking about Jesus and His love for us. He came to earth to grow, and to die. He rose again from the grave and is seated in Heaven on the throne, making intercession for you and me. He prays for us. Wow!


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