I have been off my Diet. I am on Round 2.

I took a long break from my fast,diet. I call it this. Ed says it was a fast. I went off bread, and sweets, and it wasn’t easy, or always followed. I do see the difference when I give in to the need to go off some things.

I am on round two, and this is my third day. There has been more victory this time, and yes, I have broken it for sweets at times. I will find a way to go off them, and stay off for a while. I am the master of my body, and I have given it to Jesus. The best I can give him is my love for sweets, and bread. I don’t love anything else food wise as much. So it is a time of thinking about God when I refuse to eat two things. I give them to Him for a personal time that is meaningful. I am on this for a while. It will go to Easter. Then I will have a small break. I hope to have a third time . It is a calling, to pray and to intercede. Going off things may be small, but God loves obedience. He helps me walk through what I normally can’t do.


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