Christian Art…ideas flow.

I love to paint in acrylic, although I have painted with oil paint. I can draw from a picture, or something will come to mind, and I make a rendition in pencil. Then I go from there. My paintings are not perfect, but I draw from a Christian perspective.

The detail of a flower is wonderful! I study them as I draw what I see. I major in flowers, because that is how I do. It is satisfying for me to hold the flower in my left hand, and to paint with my right hand. I keep a small container of water handy, in case I need to use both hands in the painting. I draw quickly, but the detail has to be there. I have spent 38 hours on a painting in order to make it like I want it.

I have sight pictures that come to mind, and I draw them like I see them. They are abstract, but to me it is another way to use my imagination. I do have one, and it is given to express myself through the paintings. I started painting seriously when my little sister, who was an artist, encouraged me to paint with her. I stopped painting years before, because she has the degrees. I was an Education major. She would laugh with me, and encourage me to continue drawing.

My sister died of cancer after she had her only son. She raised him to know the Lord, and then in his 14th year, she died. Her son is a minister, and he is married, with a family. I do believe in the goodness of the Lord. I believe her courage was profound. She prayed that she would live to raise him, and she did.

I believe I will see my sister again, and we will both laugh. I love to draw on my blogs, and yes there are more than this one. Rubies art, rubies recipes, and it goes on. The other blogs are small. This one is growing because I write more on it. There is a variety here at Rubies Corner’s blog. I hope you will explore, and look for the other blogs. Smile.dancing_sunflowers_by_rsc3-d483avx


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