740 is an Awesome Number.

This is how many followers this blog has. I am overjoyed, and thankful. Thank you for coming by Rubies Corner’s blog. It is growing, and it should be. I have been writing on this one forever…past 6 years. I believe God has a plan for all of us. We are His treasure. Everyone has a treasure that God will use in us. It is His gift that is in us. We are different. Each gift is different.

If you sing, then sing to the Lord. If you draw, then draw to the Lord. If you clean homes, then be thankful that you know what dirt is, and that you don’t like it. Be thankful that you know how to pray and that when you pray mountains leave. Your feet should have the oil of gladness on them, and you hands should respond to the joy of the Lord, and His music.

I believe God sets us apart to enjoy His Presence, and in His Presence is Everlasting Joy. If you lack the joy of the Lord, then confess your sins, and come humbly to Him. He will give you peace, joy, love, and kindness. Gentleness will be on you. I believe God hears our prayers, and knows what we will say before we say it. I believe in walking in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. How about you?

Who knows. 3


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