I Went to Bed by 8:30 P. M.

I went to bed by 8:30 P. M. last night, because I was feeling sick again, and needed to lie down. I went to sleep and woke up praying. I guess I prayed for a while, and got up at 6:00 A. M. My day started with coffee, and water, and one dish of custard that I made day before yesterday. It was cold, but good.

The rest helped. I must have had the flu and this was the last part of it. My stomach usually is not the problem. Ed came to bed later, but he knew it is rare for me to turn in this early. It is rare to waken early, and pray. I did. I don’t know what God’s concerns are, but when someone comes to mind I usually pray for them.

God in you is the Hope of Glory. It is good to pray for people. It is good to give your days to the Lord. I am writing to Christians who know Him. Many profess, but walking with God is daily. Read your Bible, pray daily, and walk with Him. Talk to Him. He does care. Give Him your heart, and say so.

“Father in Heaven, I give you my heart. Turn it upside down, and get the crud out. Then right it, and put joy, peace, love, and all the other fruit of the Spirit in there. I love you, and give my life anew to you. In Jesus name.”


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