Fasting, and Praying -4

Many people pray over the coming new year that will be changing over. I believe it is smart to pray over the next year. You want to grow in the Lord, and to have His light inside you. The Word is the light and it directs your path. I believe fasting and praying over someone, or something works.

At times I have put a piece of cloth with anointing oil on it under my husband’s pillow. I put it inside the pillow case. It helps him to walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Two walking with the Lord together, will put ten thousand to flight. Two in agreement. Many times the devil tries to break up the unity between the husband, and wife. He will work other people in to cause strife and contention in your home. Just because they carry a Bible doesn’t mean the person is reading it, and walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit. It is for us to read daily, and fasting will mean you read the Bible, and pray back verses that will help with what you are fasting. The Word, and prayer work together.

Fasting is not so you will lose weight, but I have seen people lose weight, because they were fasting. I lost weight this last time because of no, sweets, and nom bread. When it was time to take a break, I ate sweets. The last month I was more particular to make sure I stayed on the fasting as designated. Other times I took a short break. The praying continued, because the fasting was long, and it needed to happen.

Fasting is to break something in you that has been a stronghold. It doesn’t bow to the name of Jesus Christ, so it is a stronghold. I believe in being quiet about fasting. I usually tell my husband that I am going to be fasting. He listens, and waits to see if I am going to obey.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. I believe if God says 3 weeks, then you need to fast 3 weeks. I believe if He says to fast, then surrender is necessary. It is setting aside time to pray, and seek Him. Praying is necessary. If you fast, and pray you will see results. God in you is strong, and the One who loves and cares about you. He will hear when we turn from our sins, and ask forgiveness. He wants us to repent while we fast. Remember Nineveh? The King and all the people fasted, and prayed, and God didn’t send the doom on them that Jonah was telling them would happen. God intervened.

When you fast meals, you pray during the mealtime. When you fast meals, and you are invited out for lunch, you drink water, and listen while the other person talks, and eats.

It builds discipline, and strength in you to stand, even when another is going to eat jelly rolls, and sweets in front of you. Stand in the Lord, and know that your flesh is weak, but your spirit is willing. We need to be standing in the Lord, and convinced that He who has started working in you will complete what He started.

Be strong in the LORD, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God to stand against the enemy. At times the enemy is yourself. I know how difficult it was to start, and to try to resist the sweets. They were the stronghold that needed to be broken in-side, me. Yes!



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