Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing

My glasses frequently have been missing. I can’t find them, and I can’t see. I will pray, and they suddenly show up. One time I put them in the sole of one of my shoes I was carrying. I laid them down, and my glasses were in the shoe. I didn’t find them very quickly. I prayed, and went right to them.

So what is missing in your life? Do you feel there is something not there, even when you are happiest. Well the missing factor is someone you don’t know. It is Jesus Christ. He fills the emptiness when you give your life to Him. This is a simple answer to a big question. If you feel there is emptiness, then surrender to Him, and know there will be a change. Surrender means give your heart to Him. Turn it upside down, and empty to your heart to Jesus Christ. Tell Him you give him your life, and your heart. Surrender everything. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and to fill the missing place in your heart.,.the emptiness. He will, and you will never ever be the same. It is a head to toe experience when you give your heart to God, in Jesus name. Surrender is forever. He becomes the missing thing. He fills you with the Holy Spirit, and you walk in the Light with Him. What a difference. The key to life is Christ.


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