Inspiration Comes from the Lord.

I don’t sit down with my Bible without a plan of some kind before me. I have been going through a small, book about taking 40 days with Jesus. It is full of a devotional type lesson on each page.

Recently, I uncovered a Beth Moore study book that I had partially finished. I must have been in the hospital,started it, and then misplaced it when I got home. I found this book, and I have been finishing what I started in 2011! The study is wonderful. I am studying Daniel, and I have just picked up where I left off. Then when I finish I will go get another book to study.

The other night our guest was talking to Ed and I about how she was so moved by her study book. What she brought up, after studying in her study book,  was also a current theme that I studied that day. Yet we were studying two different books. This author is wonderful, and full of humility at the same time. I am finishing what I started!


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