Building Motivation- 2

I believe talking about what your interest is in life builds motivation in you, and in the audience, if you handle the topic well.

I am motivated to paint flowers. This is why. I love to paint, but I zeroed in on flowers, because they are usually beautiful, and full of mystery. They are delicate, strong, and fragile. They are tall, short, and tiny. I believe painting a flower gives you opportunity to study it from your perspective…that of an artist. I draw the flower in a sketch, and then I start painting it. I draw it from a real, flower. Other times I may hold the flower, and look twice, before I start painting it. Flowers hold bugs, and creatures. You might find one resting inside the flower. These are my sunflowers.

Dancing sunflowers.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I believe painting flowers can be free like the first painting of sunflowers. Other times they need drama, and courage. Blooming where you are planted is saying, to bloom where you are motivated. I believe motivation comes when people get to know you, as you.So the talented ones, who can paint better than I do, need to show their talent. Mine went over the hill on the first, painting. I exercised my right to paint freely, and to imagine what it would be like to paint something off the wall, and far from the normal painting of flowers that are still in life. I don’t know that there is such a thing as a, “Still Flower.”



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