How to Treat a Woman of God?

 I am a woman of God. I submit to my husband on decisions, because that is what I believe is right. I don’t have an easier time. I have learned that if we are going to pray together, we must be in harmony, from our head to our toes. He is a strong, personality. I have quite a stubborn streak.We have learned to communicate.

I don’t recommend our methods to anyone, but I do know that we have survived through many things. We nearly got a divorce. We came within a few days. We reconciled within a few days of divorce. Ours was a serious case. The papers were served to me on my birthday, but God didn’t allow it to happen……..because someone prayed the weekend before we were to settle. She contacted an organization that is known for praying for people. Others were praying also,,,they knew this wasn’t something for us.

So what if we had divorced. I would have gone my way,and eventually come out alright. It hurt. I was crushed. I have always known I loved him, once I did. It took a while to come to the love part. God’s love was there also. We were both hurt, but we worked this out. It took 2 and one half years to really get everything back together, and I am sure there are wounds, and scars in me from this terrific tragedy that almost happened.

Some days we think it will happen all over. We get mad, stay mad, and yell etc.  We stay away all day, and then talk it out. I think we did right. It isn’t easier this way. Our secret is that we deal with ourselves, and the culprits that try to bring us to opposition again. I do think we are treading in peace right now. I had to learn how to communicate with an angry man, and to stop being easily hurt. His personality is different from mine, and he says it, and gets over with it. I hold my anger in many times. I am not used to speaking it out. We had a time adjusting. His family is honest and open. Mine were always trying to live in peace. I never heard my parents arguing. They may have, but they presented kindness, love, gentleness, and the fruits of the spirit to us. It was quite a shock when Ed first got angry with me after we married.

You know, it is a balance of speaking your mind, and also looking out for the other partner. I think we have weathered and come out shining. We are not the same as we were when we first met. Ed is still direct. He can’t help himself. I have learned to listen, and to speak up. I have learned to rebuke the devil, and to keep hanging on to the peace of God. Mostly, I find God daily. This helps set the tone for the whole day.


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