I usually pray myself to sleep. I have no problem dozing off. Last night, was different. I couldn’t sleep. My mind was on everything at once.

I began praying, and I prayed well into the night, and finally slept. Then I awoke early. I washed my face, and looked at the scar I now have from the small operation about 11 days ago. It was itching, and red.

I went back to bed. Sleep wasn’t there. I got up, and began dressing. By the time I was out of the bathroom, Ed was up, and ready to go fix some oatmeal. We landed in the den earlier than usual. He fixed breakfast,  and I wiped off the table, and swept the kitchen and the den.It didn’t take long. Then I got my Bible and pen with my notebook.

I knew why I got up. While Ed cooked, I looked at Psalm 143: I titled it, The Servant’s Prayer.

After we ate our breakfast, Ed laid down on the couch, and fell asleep. I guess he has been doing all kinds of things, and now he was resting.

I opened the Bible to Psalm 143, I and found the 8 things David was asking for. I listed the verses, and what each thing was. Then I came to his last words, which were , “I AM YOUR SERVANT.”

MILDLY PUT, THESE WORDS ARE SO IMPORTANT! We are his children, and when it is time to call on Him, He will listen, and He will hear us. Other verses did come to mind. I wrote them in the side area so I would remember them. When you are in a tight spot, and you pray much, you can be assured that like David, you can say, “I am your servant.”

This is submission to Him. This is making a request and acknowledging your position by faith. Doubt, and fears have to be put aside. The battle is the Lord’s. He holds you in His hands, and He will deliver you.

Ed has a test this week. It is a procedure, and I am praying regarding the results of it. I believe in the goodness of the Lord, and I know that my home is heaven when I die. To live is to be in fellowship with Him, and to die, is to be in His Presence forever.

Ed is his child. The same goes for him.

Yet, I know that the weapons of our spiritual warfare are not earthly, but divinely powerful to destroy strongholds. If the Lord told me anything, LAST NIGHT, while I couldn’t sleep, it was to STAND.

HOW DO YOU STAND? You put your trust in the Lord with all your heart, and you don’t lean on your own understanding of the situation. You ask for wisdom, and He helps you, because He comes close when you do. His hand is ready to hold, and you walk together through the trial, or procedure, or operation, or what ever the situation is that we go through in life.

Settling issues was done long ago when I accepted Christ as my own Savior. I was eight, but I understood, and Mother mentored me. She encouraged me with verses, songs, and her wisdom. Dad led Bible studies, and gave wisdom, and hugs. I grew up and found the Lord  in a closer way. I read my Bible, and became a teacher. I prayed about everything.

Now I am retired, and older. God has been faithful. He has held my hand through the hard times. He has been my source of encouragement, and I have grown to love Him more, and more. He is my Rock, and when He says to stand, that means to yield to Him, and stand with the Word in my heart, and with boldness before Him. Stand because you have been talking to Him all night. Stand because you are studying the Word for yourself. Stand, having done all to stand. Stand on the promises that He will not leave, or forsake His children.

Life is short. God is not short. God is big. He is everywhere. His Presence fills me from head to toe, inside and out, and all around. My knees belong to Him, and when He says to stand, then you take the Word,and speak it. You stand on your knees. Kneeling is a heart attitude. It is submission to Him.

God loves us, but IT IS TIME TO GROW UP spiritually. We are not to be babies, forever. I STAND in the knowledge that He is mine, I can call on Him, and He will answer, and He will deliver me from all those things that come against me. He is my refuge, my strength, and He is there all the time, ready to talk, listen, and answer.

So I am in the position of standing. I am his servant. Psalm 143: 7-12 is special. I plan to read it again, and again.


One thought on “GOD IS NOT SHORT. PSALMS 143:7-12

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