Philippians 4:6 Prayer and Supplication, and being careful for nothing…

I believe this verse is talking about not being overcome with worry, to the point that you are burdened unnecessarily with something, or someone. In everything, we should bring matters to God for prayer. Praying about everything, sometimes will cause you pray for three or four weeks about something. Sometimes I God reveals what it is your fasting about, and other times He just expects one to fast in obedience.

Christians have a hard time walking in the Holy Spirit. They get their mind on worries, and cares, and frustrations of life. We need to submit those thoughts to God, and if it takes praying longer about a problem, then fast also. Don’t be careful about anything, but by prayer settle things in your mind and in your spirit. Worry is sin, but common sense is given to you to use. God’s sense, and wisdom is special and it comes by the Holy Spirit.

When I can’t get along with someone, I find that fasting about them will work for me. I have been fasting on and off for years. I have to walk sensibly, but sensitively with the Lord. I don’t brag about fasting. When God nudges, then I go off certain things. It isn’t to keep my weight down. It is to find the answers to problems that He is talking to me about. 

Fasting will clear my mind, and heart, and eventually, I reach a point in the fasting, where I know the victory to pray about something is there. Being sensible, and sensitive are not easy. Sometimes my flesh gets in the way. It took me two weeks to go on the church fast. I wanted to have some rest, and not fast with them, because I had been for some time, and just come off a fast. I rested, and I inquired, and the Lord told me what to go off for a season. I take a break from the fasting for one day, and then go back to it. 

This isn’t a total fast that I do, but He tells me what I need to go off. I just know. There is power in the blood of Christ, Power in the Word of God, and powerful praying time when you fast something. Philippians 4 says to be careful for nothing, but in everything to pray with supplication, and thanksgiving and make your requests known to God. 

Sometimes we, the church, make too many requests, and we forget about the thanksgiving and the praise and the worship. I find that my prayers get answered when I make a good request, and then sing to Him, and enter into worship that doesn’t have concern about my problems, and what I want Him to do. I leave the requests, and make a joyful noise. He is God, and we need to surrender what we have in our hearts. The burdens are too heavy? Give them away! Sing to Him. He can answer when we totally get free from the burdens we insist on carrying. If you could see the burden, you would want it to get off of you now.

When you give it to Him, and praise Him, and begin to worship and trust Him, then verses should come to mind such as this one and the following verses. God is light. He has no darkness in Him. He pierces the darkness with His Presence. The peace of Christ comes as we totally give ourselves, and our worries to Him. He is BIG and He is God, and He has many angels that will help us out when we cry out to Him. 

God hears your praises and they join with others. It makes a sacrifice before Him when you don’t feel like praising Him. Worship includes singing, reading the Word, speaking the Word back to Him, in faith, and listening to what He says in the Word, and in our hearts. Getting quiet is essential. 

The world is noisy. We hear all kinds of noise daily. There is nothing wrong with noise, but when your self is talking negatively, and hateful, and mean, and angry, bitter, and fearfully, you need to stop it by saying, “Self is bound in the name of Jesus for speaking to me. Demons are bound in the name of Jesus from speaking to me. I loose the Holy Spirit of God to speak to me in Jesus name. ” You can do this any time of the day or night and see a difference right away….Christians. 

We live in defeat, and become sour because we don’t have enough Word in us and we won’t fellowship with Him one to one, or with others. Living negatively, and seeing all things from a negative point of view is not living the Christian life with victory. 

Philippians 4:`3 says, “I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.” 

So what is the problem with our faith? Why are we moping around? Why are we downcast, discouraged, and full of fear? We need to take the Word of God, open it for now, and read for ourselves. If you will bind Satan, bind self , and release the Holy Spirit to talk, you will see that He wants to talk to you. He loves you. The Word has much to tell you, and God wrote it by men who were moved to write it by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is God’s letter to you and how to cope with life.

When you are careful about nothing, and worry free, then the peace of God will surround, and be in you, and you will get more prayers answered. For some of you, Satan has had a good time. You worry about everything, and pray about nothing. You won’t get in the Word, because you don’t have time. 

Troubles come, and troubles go, but when you walk with the Lord, it is because you have given your life to Him. He loves you. He wants you to give Him all of you. From head to toe, inside and out. When you do this, He comes inside you by the Holy Spirit. He takes charge, because you gave Him the throne of your heart. Christ in you is the Hope of Glory. The Holy spirit prays with words we don’t understand. He tells you when to pray about something. Yielding to the Presence of the Holy Spirit in you, is wonderful. Giving all your burdens to God is wonderful. Telling Him You can have all of me from head to toe, is releasing your control and He takes over the driving from then on. He is in charge, and will take care of your problems. Submission to Him is daily, and for some all day long. 

I am going to a funeral service today with my husband, but I wanted to write for a while, and I have. I hope you know that those who are in Christ will die and go to heaven if the Lord tarries. This woman was a believer, and I know that she is talking with everyone in heaven, and having a wonderful time with the Lord. Worship is wonderful when you know Him. Life is short, but there is a future, that is blessed, and that is dwelling with the Lord forever and ever. Do you have the Lord in your life? I’m praying. 


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