I Do Not Eat Canned Apples….Here’s why……..!

I have had the canned apples when I was growing up as a child. I ate them, but wondered why they were so big, and why they tasted funny. Mom didn’t make apple pie. She had someone make pies for her, because this person was a real cook. She made several pies at first, and we loved the crust, and the pie itself.

Canned apples are not sweet enough. I never put lemon on my apples. The spices in the canned apples are too overpowering for the fruit. A dash of this and two to three shakes of that make a pie light, and tasty. See for yourself. Make a pie of your own, and then get one from the can and make a pie with it.

I love a good apple pie. I use the roll out crust. I line the first layer carefully, with the crust coming over the lip of the pie. I prick the crust, add butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, and red-hot candies. I also use cloves. These three spices make the pie come together. I use the red-hot candies because they will melt in the pie and offer a red tone to the pie. Hmmm a cup of sugar makes a sweeter apple pie.!!


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