Have you ever heard the phrase, “Joy comes in the Morning?” It refers to all the things that go on before the morning that do not bring joy. Suddenly, the joy is back and you are fine. Weeping may last all night, but then the new day comes. God’s compassion are new every morning. I love verse 7, ” You have made my mountain to stand strong by Your favor for me. ”

How about 30:11. Mourning is associated with fasting. God has turned my mourning into dancing: You have girded me with gladness, and my sackcloth is not being worn right now. I will sing praise to You and not be quiet. I will give thanks forever.( I have paraphrased here.)

David’s attitude is one of joy, gladness and assurance. He stops mourning and starts dancing before the Lord. He is girded with gladness and there is not more need to be mourning. He makes loud praise to God, and determines to keep it up. He can’t be silenced, because this praise is real, and from his heart. He has broken through in His praying, and He has received great joy to sing to God. No more crying and mourning. The sackcloth is gone. Suddenly that light is coming into the room where he is and he is determined to praise Him forever.

This is powerful. The highest form of praise to God is singing from your heart and letting your spirit worship God even though the circumstances are awful. You should be crying, but God breaks through the sadness, and the heaviness, and the joy of the Lord comes up through your heart. Your burden is lifted off  you as you sing anyway. David is a key example of what people should do. They should sing to the Lord a new song. They should sing loudly. They should stand in the congregation and sing, or tell of His grace.

What we do with a problem is so important. If we become low, angry, or want to go bury ourselves in grief, that is not what God wants. He wants us to give every thought to Him and to worship Him. Then comes the breakthrough. It has happened to me. Then the next day I have been sad and heavy. I have had to resist and worship the next day. We are trained by the circumstances we are going through, and God looks on what is in our hearts. He loves to hear us call on Him, and give Him all we are, all we have, and what is bothering us. Being honest this way is the way to have the joy of the Lord, and to be praising Him like David forever.